Computer Security Service

April 1, 2017


Introducing our new Computer Security Guarding Service

Dr. Gene “Spaf” Spafford, a leading computer security expert who teaches at Purdue University, once said: “The only truly secure system is one that is powered off, cast in a block of concrete and sealed in a lead-lined room with armed guards – and even then I have my doubts.”

Today, we’re proud to announce a new service that has been added to our portfolio: Guarding Your Computer.

Interested? Read on for the details!

  • You’ll be provided with a private concrete bunker for your computer, buried 20 feet
  • A highly trained guard will be present on our multi-bunker property at all times
  • You will have access to your computer 24/7 (note that we do not prove power or computer screens. You may temporarily remove your computer at any time in order to retrieve or save your data)
  • All of this for the low price of only $30,000 per year!

Don’t leave your computer security to chance. Contact us to get started today.

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