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September 4, 2015


Business Updates

It’s September, and things are finally starting to cool down here in Chattanooga. While our largest source of income is a result of on-site technical support with various clients in and around Chattanooga, our web hosting business continues to grow.

Latest Blog Posts…

Internet Scams – Technical Support & Domain Names
One of my hosting clients is a good friend of mine who is very tech savvy. He got a letter in the mail attempting to trick him into paying a company to manage his domain names (this technique scammers use is unfortunately fairly common).

In this blog post, I present two common internet scams that scammers use to prey on potential victims.

Why You Should Backup Your Website
We host several websites, but too often, our clients (and other organizations that have their websites hosted elsewhere) don’t take the precaution to backup their own website. In this post, I write about why you should backup your website.

Dealing with Website Spam
I recently helped my wife move her WordPress blog (on mental illness and wellness) from the WordPress.com hosted platform onto a custom domain name (http://eastofthelake.com) hosted elsewhere (Develop CENTS hosting infrastructure, of course).

Over the course of launching her new website, the topic of website spam came up. The WordPress.com platform automatically filters out spam. I helped my wife install and activate Akismet, an online service that helps filter out spam from WordPress sites.

In this blog post, I write about some of the ways you can cut down on this type of website spam.

Our Newsletter has Moved…

Up until now, we’ve used a built-in system through our website. In an effort to improve our newsletter deliverability and allow us to better scale the newsletter in the future, we have moved to MailChimp!

Thanks for your continued interest in Develop CENTS!

David White
Founder & CEO

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