Important Security Advisory

April 8, 2014


security-265130_1280Yesterday, a security vulnerability with software that that is used by hundreds of thousands of web servers, was announced. Upon receiving the security notice, we immediately updated all of our systems.

Earlier today, we also published the following blog article, entitled “Heartbleed: What it Means for End Users” located here. ¬†Affected services on vulnerable systems include HTTPS traffic (i.e if your website has a “SSL security certificate”), as well as many secure connections to email servers and office VPN connections.

If you are a website hosting client (i.e. if you pay us to host your website), this security advisory is to inform you that your website data is completely safe. As stated before, we have already patched all of the servers that we manage. There is no indication that any of our clients’ data has been compromised. However, as a courtesy to our clients and newsletter subscribers, we are sharing a few recommended steps.

Even though we fixed our own servers very quickly, that is not the case with several other companies, including cloud service providers and small websites. We urge you to consider changing all of your passwords on the various websites you use (including bank account passwords) in order to protect your data. For more advice about password and user security, please click here reference a blog post we published last year, “Password Security & User Accounts.”

If you are not a website hosting client, and your system was vulnerable, please contact us if we can help you. You will not only need to update your systems, but you will also need to replace all of your public AND private SSL certificates.

To follow us more closely on the subject and for further updates, please follow our blog (, follow us on Twitter (@developCENTS), and follow us on Facebook at

To learn more about our services, visit our home page, or read about our technical consulting services. Thank you for your continued trust in Develop CENTS.


David White
Founder & CEO

To learn more about our services, visit our home page, or read about our services.

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