Chattanooga Entrepreneur Helps Nonprofits

March 11, 2013


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New Business Provides Affordable IT Services for Nonprofit Organizations Worldwide

A Chattanooga entrepreneur believes nonprofit organizations deserve better technical help than they often times receive. David White thinks he can fill a niche when few other businesses are willing to do so. “While many nonprofits rely on volunteers, there are several advanced IT jobs many volunteers are unable to do based on skill level or time commitments,” White said.

White is the Founder and CEO of Develop CENTS, LLC, a new business located in Chattanooga that was created to meet the needs which volunteers are unable to do. CENTS is an acronym for Computing, Equipping, Networking, Training and Supporting and is launching their new website today.

Although the LLC was formed recently, White has dreamed about this for a long time. “When I was studying at Covenant College over four years ago, I was already putting together a business plan and helping nonprofits part time.”

White studied Community Development at Covenant and wants to mesh his expertise in technology with his education to help nonprofits globally in IT consulting, technical support, web hosting, training and workshops. He eventually plans to hire employees, although he relies on contractors for now.

Brian Lee, Executive Director for All Girls Allowed, a Christian nonprofit that advocates against China’s 1-Child Policy, is one of the clients White has picked up over the years.

All Girls Allowed relied heavily on David and Develop CENTS early on in our development to create and host our website ( We have been very impressed by David’s professionalism, his responsiveness and his understanding of web hosting.

To learn more about Develop CENTS, visit their new website which is launching today at

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