Website Consulting

Want a website, but don't know how to get started? For start-up sites, we recommend using either Drupal or Wordpress Content Management Systems. A CMS like Drupal or Wordpress makes it easy to manage your content through your internet browser.

We specialize in hosting Drupal and Wordpress websites and can help you start your website quickly and easily. 

You will be set up with a Managed Hosting Account. We will also perform the base Drupal or Wordpress install and configuration. This includes:

  • Installing Drupal 7 Core functionality (or Wordpress)
  • Installing a theme of your choice (visit or
  • The following most commonly used modules (for Drupal):
    • Views - Ability to create and customize lists
    • Pathauto - Ability to automatically create URLs for each new page you create
    • Token - Enhanced capabilities for referencing content on your website
    • Wysiwyg (with the ckeditor library) - Provides for editing font (bold, underline, font size, etc...), copying & pasting from Microsoft Word, and more. Makes it easier to edit the text on your website without having to know HTML.
    • Captcha - Helps prevent spam from coming into your website!
  • If you choose to use Wordpress, we will install add-on modules as well, such as Wysiwyg and Captcha.

We will also work to ensure you are happy with your new website, and that you are familiar with how to add and update content. Please note, however, that once the website is built, you will be responsible for maintaining it and all of its content.

All of this for only $250, plus our annual hosting fee of $95.40. Total 1st Year Cost: $345.40

Want us to manage your Domain name as well? For an additional $25 per year, we can do that too!

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