Terms of Service

This page was last updated on: March 2014

All web hosting clients (including Managed VPS clients), are required to agree to these terms of service. These Terms & Conditions may be updated at any time. For your convenience, we have included a Table of Contents:

  1. General Terms for Web Hosting Customers
  2. Domain Management and Ownership of URLs

  3. Data Usage, Financial Donations, & E-Commerce

  4. Invoicing, Payment Terms & Past Due Invoices


General Terms for Web Hosting Customers

  1. Before your web hosting account is activated, you must register at http://developcents.com/hosting-registration.
  2. We provide a 99.95% monthly server up-time guarantee. If your website is down for more than 0.05% within a single month, we will credit your account with a free month of hosting.
  3. Sometimes websites hosted in a shared environment need additional memory resources, or they might cause high disk activity, reducing the performance of the other websites. In the event that your website causes too much stress in the shared environment, we reserve the right to notify you, issue a prorated credit for the time you have left, migrate your website to a Managed VPS Solution, and bill you for that service at the new rate.


Domain Management and Ownership of URLs

We provide a Domain Management service for our existing clients to purchase and manage their URL (also known as a "domain" or "website address"), at $25 per year per domain. This service is an add-on service for our existing clients only, and is not available to persons or organizations that do not already pay for other services from us.


We will only register a client's URL at the request of that client. While the URL will be in our account, and will be in our complete control, the client retains ownership of the URL (and the client's information will be entered into the URL's "Registrant" information, while our information will be entered into the Administrative and Technical information.


You have the right to request a transfer of your URL into your own Domain Registrar Account, at any time, except for the first 60 days of a URL's initial registration, but only after all existing Domain Management invoices have been paid in full. We will honor any transfer requests made by our clients, as long as there are no outstanding Domain Management invoices.


You are responsible for notifying us, in writing, that you do not want us to renew your URL. In that case that your URL is about to expire and we have not been notified to cancel your URL, we will automatically do so, and invoice you for the $25 charge. While we may give you a curtesy advance notice, this is not our obligation, and you are ultimately responsible for canceling your URL if you no longer wish to pay for it.


You understand that we will allow your URL to expire (resulting in your website and possible email addresses being unavailable) if any of your invoices are past due at the time your URL is up for renewal.



Data Usage, Financial Donations, & E-Commerce

  1. While we perform daily and weekly backups of our servers for disaster recovery purposes, you should make your own backups of your own files.
  2. We do not allow any adult (pornography of any kind) or gambling related material to be hosted on our servers. In the event we find this condition has been breached, we will immediately close your account and you will not be issued a refund.
  3. Websites that contain illegal or copyrighted material of any kind will not be tolerated, including music, videos, pictures, written material, and anything else that is not your own. In the event we find this condition has been breached, we will immediately close your account and you will not be issued a refund.
  4. E-commerce websites and donation forms are allowed. However, special security considerations absolutely must be taken into account:
    1. You agree to use, at minimum, 2048-bit SSL encryption on any page that processes financial data, and that these pages stay protected behind persistent SSL connection requiring the user to login to the website. 
    2. There are some cases when website owners want to store credit card or bank account / routing numbers locally. This is not allowed (on our shared servers)! If you want to store this type of information on your website, you will need to purchase a Managed VPS , and provide reasonable justification.
      1. Any credit card data that is stored should be stored in an encrypted format.
      2. The PCI Security Standards Council makes it very clear that a website should not store cardholder data unless absolutely necessary. Please see https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/pdfs/pci_fs_data_storage.pdf for more information.


Invoicing, Payment Terms & Past Due Invoices

  1. At this time, we invoice on an annual basis only.
  2. The price for our various services that you obtain from us may be "locked in" for up to 3 years, so that you do not incur additional charges in case we need to raise our prices.
    • Pricing arrangements and "locking in" a price for clients using our Managed VPS Hosting will be made on an individual basis. 
  3. We offer a 15 Day Money Back Guarantee for our Web Hosting services. If you are unhappy with our hosting services, simply tell us to cancel your account within 15 days of initially registering, and we will gladly refund you the full amount, minus any possible setup fees.
  4. Full payment for service must be received within fifteen (15) business days of us sending you an invoice, which we will email you. If it is not received within 15 business days, it will be considered past due, and we will reserve the right to assess a finance charge of 2% (but a minimum of $2), and to disable your website and/or URL until the invoice (including the finance charge) is paid in full.
  5. There will be a $25 fee for any returned (bounced) checks, in addition to any possible bank fees we are assessed.


These Terms & Conditions may be updated at any time.