Securing Your Network

One of the biggest mistakes individuals and small nonprofit organizations make is that they buy an internet router from the store (or online), set it up, plug in their computers (or connect to it wirelessly), and forget to implement (or change) any of the security settings on the router.

This is dangerous! In this blog post, I will discuss the basics of why you should secure your computer network, and how (if you have home-grade network routers).


It is Thanksgiving Week here in the States, and I would like to take a moment to write about some of the things I am thankful for related to our first year of doing business! Normally, our blog posts consist of helpful information (especially for nonprofit organizations) as they relate to technology, security, websites, and social media.

Introduction to Social Media for Nonprofit Organizations

Social media is one of the proverbial methods of communication for all sorts of organizations, thanks to the internet and the growing use of mobile technology. Facebook has over 1 billion users, Twitter has over 500 million users, and there are dozens of other social media platforms which your organization could take advantage of.

In this blog post, I will introduce a few social media concepts, as well as briefly discuss a few of the major social media networks your nonprofit should most strongly consider being a part of.

Introduction to DNS and IPv6

DNS. Just another acronym thrown about by information technology professionals that doesn't mean anything to the "average Joe." But what is it, and why should you be concerned about it? This, among other related questions, are ones that I will answer in this blog post.

[Note to programmers and systems engineers: This blog post will focus on public DNS and the resolving of public services like websites, rather than internal (or private) DNS, which resolves internal network host names.]

CRMs for Nonprofits

Recently, we have had several conversations with several nonprofit organizations in need of a new CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) system. One of the ways in which nonprofits are unique to businesses is that they rely on donors, and these donors are often times not the same people being served by the nonprofit. For this reason, a whole category of CRM software, known is Donor Management Systems (DMS), have evolved over time.

Routers, Switches & Firewalls: What Are the Differences?

We've recently worked with, or are currently working with, multiple clients who are confused about the differences (and respective unique features available) in routers, switches and firewalls. Each kind of device has advantages and disadvantages over the others, and each have different purposes. In this blog post, we will identify the key uses for each device and explain why you typically need all three devices in a single network!

Key Take-Away's for Nonprofit IT Trends in 2013

According to Moore's Law, computer hardware is improving at an exponential rate. Many argue that Moore's law also applies to how technology and technology-related websites & services have changed over time. Not only are these things improving as a whole, but they are also changing at an exponential rate. What would have taken years to make possible in 2000 is now possible to create in mere weeks, days or even hours!