About Us

Developing technology for a developing world...

Develop CENTS (Computing, Equipping, Networking, Training and Supporting) was founded by David White in 2013 to assist nonprofit organizations worldwide. David obtained his B.A. in Community Development from Covenant College where his focus was on International Economics.

Upon graduating, David moved to Boston where he worked as an AmeriCorps intern for a year and then worked for a Drupal web hosting company before moving back to Chattanooga, TN. After two years of working as a Technical Support Specialist & Infrastructure Engineer, David launched Develop CENTS into a full time business, in the hopes of pursuing his dream to mesh technology with community development and to assist nonprofit organizations worldwide.

In January 2014, David was interviewed on the local Chattanooga NPR radio station. Visit http://wutc.org/post/new-chattanooga-it-company-supports-nonprofits to listen to the interview, "New Chattanooga IT Company Supports Nonprofits."

In a press release shortly after Develop CENTS officially launched, David said "While many nonprofits rely on volunteers, there are several advanced IT jobs many volunteers are unable to do based on skill level or time commitments. When I was studying at Covenant College, I was already putting together a business plan and helping nonprofits part time."

We provide on-site and remote technical support and IT consulting, web hosting services, and technical training and workshops. To learn more or to inquire about our services, please contact us.


... Because IT makes sense.